The staff of the Bauer Core take pride in its collaborative working environment, friendly atmosphere, and easy accessibility. Please be respectful of the instrumentation, lab space, and other people working in the labs.


All training on instrumentation must be done by Core staff members. Training colleagues on the Core’s instrumentation is prohibited. If your colleagues are interested in using our resources, please ask them to contact Claire Reardon before working in the Core.


Researchers must reserve their use of Core equipment using SPINAL. Reservations may be cancelled up to two hours before the start time.


Every researcher must use his/her own account both for instrument use/scheduling and for submissions/reagent requests. Do not share accounts, share your password, nor log in for others. If you don't already have a Research Computing account, you can request one here. If you don't have a minilims account, you can request one here.

Unless instructed otherwise, please log out when you are finished using an instrument.

Bench Space

Many instruments have bench space close by that can be used for setting up experiments. You are welcome to use this space and the pipettors near each instrument while you are here. If you need long-term access to bench space or sample storage, please speak to Claire Reardon.