Single-Cell Technologies

Individual cells can differ by size, protein levels, and expressed mRNA transcripts, even within nominally homogeneous cell populations. The Bauer Core has a variety of technologies to facilitate single-cell studies.

Fluidigm Systems

The Fluidigm Systems use microfluidic-based Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) technology to enable rapid and reliable analysis of single cells. The Bauer Core has recently acquired the C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep and Biomark™ HD systems. To learn more about our services, please contact Claire Reardon .

Fluidigm C1™  Single-Cell Auto Prep System

Fluidigm C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System employs microfluidic-based integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) to rapidly and reliably isolate, process and prepare individual cells for genome and transcriptome analysis. With just one instrument, researchers can isolate cells, stain them and prepare template for sequencing or qPCR.

Fluidigm Biomark™ HD System

Fluidigm Biomark HD System uses microfluidic-based integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) to automate PCR reactions in nanoliter volumes. This means using less sample and reagent in a single microfluidic device. The system has reliable production-scale throughput and exquisite single-cell sensitivity, with a wide variety of sample types and chemistry choices to accommodate the most genomic applications. The Biomark HD system runs IFCs in either real-time or end-point read modes, bringing flexible, efficient and economical PCR solutions to a range of applications.

Single-Cell Sorting

Flow Cytometry

Our cell sorters have the capability to sort single cells into multi-well plates. Please go the flow cytometry page to see a description of our cell sorters and contact information.