Billing Policies

Before beginning a training session or submitting your samples for processing, you must provide your billing information by following the instructions below.

Payment by Harvard 33-digit account codes

  1. Billing forms: Training sessions and some fee-for-service work require a billing form which must be completed by your lab's financial administrator. Return the document to the staff member who will be providing your training/service. We will keep this account number on file and charge future work to this same account. It is your responsibility to notify us if you wish to change the 33-digit account charged.
  2. SPINAL billing: Some instruments in SPINAL require a billing code.To add one, click on the "expense code needed" link and use the drop down menu to select your lab's financial administrator. Use the system to send a request to your administrator to add a code. For more information, see the SPINAL help pages.
  3. Minilims billing: Provide your 33-digit account code in the submission form when you make your sequencing or reagent request.

Payment by Purchase Order

Please submit a copy of your PO on accounts payable letterhead. Ensure that the name and address of the vendor is specified as:
Science Operations
Harvard University       
Northwest Laboratory, B227
52 Oxford St
Cambridge, MA 02138
  1. Billing Forms: Training sessions and some fee-for-service work requires a billing form. Complete the PO billing form and return it along with a copy of your PO to the staff member who will perform your training/service.
  2. SPINAL billing: You may charge work reserved in SPINAL to a PO. To do so, provide your PO to the staff member who trained you and he or she will enter it into SPINAL.
  3. Minilims billing: To charge Illumina sequencing or reagent purchases to a PO, upload a PDF copy of your PO to the sample submission or reagent request form in minilims

Researchers from outside Harvard

Please complete this non-Harvard billing form and sign our Memorandum Of Understanding. Follow the instructions above for payment by purchase order.