Data Storage and Transfer

Data Storage and Transfer Policy

Users with lab folders on the Research Computing network storage space can connect directly to their folders on RC file systems (\\rcfs1, \\rcfs2, \\rcfs3, etc...) and should use these servers to store their data. There are no time limits for these servers as they belong to the individual labs.

Users without lab folders can temporarily store data generated on the center’s instruments in a folder on \\\data (if you don’t have a lab folder, this will be mapped as your Z: drive in Windows Explorer). Within this area, users can create folders and store up to 2.5 GB of data. These data will be accessible to download remotely for 30 days by either HTTPS or SFTP. You will need to authenticate with your Active Directory (RC) username and password.


  • Point your web browser to
  • Log in using your Research Computing username and your password. 
  • Open your subfolder and click on files to open or save them. 

This will only allow you to open/save a single file at a time.


Data storage on local hard drives is prohibited, and any files found on the hard drives may be deleted without warning.