Use our instruments

We provide access to cell sorters, analyzers, and particle counters. Researchers may be trained to independently use our analyzers and particle counters. Sorting services are provided by the core staff on our FACSAria, MoFlo Astrios EQ, MoFloXDP and MoFlo Legacy instruments. Researchers that require sorting on a frequent basis can be trained to run the FACSAria for themselves.

Flow Cytometry Contact

If you are interested in using our instruments or cell sorting service, please email and we'll arrange a consultation


Training Policies

Cell Analyzer Training

The LSRII and LSR Fortessa cell analyzers are open to all researchers for training. Once the researcher provides a thirty three digit billing code or a purchase order, a two hour training session will be scheduled by flow core staff. After completing the training session the researcher will gain twenty four hour access to both of the core facility cell analyzers.

If the researcher needs to run samples from a 96 or 384 well plate there is an additional training session available for the high throughput sampler (HTS) attachment. The cell analyzer training is required before the researcher can attend the HTS training session. This training session takes one and half hours to complete.

FACS Aria Training

Researchers interested in sorting their own cells have the option to attend the FACS Aria cell sorter training session. Researchers are required to attend the cell analyzer training session first before being allowed to train on the FACS Aria. If the researcher meets the prerequisites and provides billing information they can attend the six hour FACS Aria training session. Once trained, the researcher will need to prove proficiency by starting up the instrument, performing sorts, and shutting down the instrument before being given after hour sorting access.

Researchers that have attended the week long training provided by Becton Dickinson for the FACS Aria can have the training session waived if they can provide their training certificate and prove that they have been regularly sorting on the instrument at another facility.

Researchers that have been trained for self-run use on the FACS Aria by another core facility can attend a half training session (three hours) and if staff are satisfied with their proficiency can gain access to the self-run calendar. If more training is necessary then the researcher will need to attend the full six hour training session. The researcher will also be required to prove proficiency by starting up the instrument, performing sorts, and instrument shutdown in order to gain after hour sorting access.

Note -If researchers have not used the core facility in over six months then retraining may be required in order to regain access. The researcher will need to provide current billing information and schedule a training session with core staff.