Illumina Instruments

Before beginning a project, please email to discuss your experiment. 


Illumina NextSeq 500

  • Single Read or Paired End reads up to 150 bp long
  • Cycles availabe (used for sequence and index reads):
    • 75 cycle kit: up to 92 bases
    • 150 cycle kit: up to 166 bases
    • 300 cycle kit: up to 316 bases
  • Two Flow Cell Types:
    • High ~ 400 million clusters*
    • Mid ~ 130 million clusters*

Illumina HiSeq 2500

  • Single Read or Paired End reads up to 250 bp long
  • Two flow cell types:
    • High Output (Standard) v4 - 8 lanes, up to 250 million clusters each*
    • Rapid Run - 2 lanes, up to 150 million clusters each*
  * When Bauer Core performs sample quantification, we guarantee to deliver at least 2/3 of the advertised optimal number of clusters

Ancillary Equipment for Sequencing Projects

The core offers instruments for sample shearing, size selection, library QC and quantification.


Apollo 324

This instrument automates next-generation sequencing library preparation.

  • Reagent kits are available for DNA sequencing, RNA-Seq or ChIP-seq.
  • Compatible with indexing/multiplexing.
  • Prepare 1-48 samples at a time.

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Pippin Prep and Blue Pippin

These instruments automate nucleic acid size selection using gel cassettes.

  • Choose broad or tight size range cuts.
  • Choose the % gel that will allow for selection of your desired size.
  • Prepare 4 samples at a time along with a reference.

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Life Tech E-gel system

Together the E-gel iBase and Safe Imager automate nucleic acid electrophoresis and size selection using pre-cast gels. Features include fast run times, programmable control, and real time monitoring of DNA migration. Researchers must supply their own gels for use on the system.

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