Imaging Systems

To learn about using any of these imagers, please contact Claire Hartmann (, 617-384-7913).


Azure Sapphire Imager

This multimode imager aquires fluorescent, chemiluminescent and phosphor images with a resolution down to 10 microns. Fluorescent detection uses 4 lasers/filters: ex 488/em 518 bp22, ex 520/em 565 bp24, ex 658/em 710 bp40, ex 785/em 832 bp37. RGB fluorescent signal is captured using a PMT while NIR is captured with an avalanche photdiode. Chemiluminescent and visible images are captured with a high-resolution CCD camera. For more information, see


Azure c200 Imager

This gel imager uses UV for Ethidium bromide-stained DNA gels, blue light for SYBRSafe or similar dyes, and white light for Silver stain or Coomassie Blue. For more information, see

Typhoon Imager

GE Typhoon Imager

This multifunction scanner can be used for storage phosphor autoradiography, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence. The scanner has 3 lasers (488, 532, and 633nm) and multiple filters for fluorescent imaging. It can be used to take images of gels, membranes, phosphor screens, microtiter plates and more. Advantages include an adjustable focal plane and resolutions down to 25 microns. For more information, see

Typhoon Imager Protocol