Fluidigm Biomark™ HD

The Fluidigm microfluidic architecture allows the automatic combination of samples, reagents and primer-probe sets into thousands of PCR reactions using significantly smaller reagent volumes as compared to traditional systems. Please contact Claire Reardon to discuss about using the Biomark. For more information about the technology, please visit Fluidigm.      

Biomark System Components

Integrated Fluidics Circuits (IFCs)

48.48 Dynamic Array IFC

  • 48 assays x 48 samples
  • 2304 total reactions
  • 10.1nl reaction volume

96.96 Dynamic Array IFC

  • 96 assays x 96 samples
  • 9216 total reactions
  • 6.7nl reaction volume

FLEXsix™ Dynamic Array IFC

  • Six 12-assay-by-12-sample partitions that can each be run separately or together
  • Chip is re-usable up to 6 times within up to 90 days.

Biomark Instrument and IFC Controllers

The Bauer Core has the MX and HX IFC Controllers that are compatible with the IFC chips listed above. The Fluidigm Biomark HD System automates PCR reactions in nanoliter volumes, reducing the amounts of sample and reagent required. The Biomark is compatible with a wide variety of sample types and chemistry choices to accommodate the most genomic applications. The system has reliable production-scale throughput and single-cell sensitivity, and can be coupled with the C1 Single-Cel Auto-Prep System to streamline gene expression analysis of single cells.